Compensable Injuries (Workers’ Compensation & CTP Claims)

Compensable Injuries

We welcome all patients referred following a work related injury or motor vehicle accident.

WorkCover physiotherapy sessions for work-related injuries can be billed directly to your employer’s workers compensation insurers. Once we have your WorkCover referral letter from your GP prescribing physiotherapy treatment, as well as your workers compensation claim number (which needs to be confirmed with your workers compensation insurance company) we can bill your insurer directly, meaning there are no out of pocket expenses to you.

Similarly with compulsory third party (CTP) claims, just let us know your injury is a CTP claim and we will help you file the required paper work so you have no out of pocket expense. You will just need to bring the following information: claim number; insurer details including case manager’s name, phone number, fax number; medical certificate; date of accident/injury.

We will work closely within our team of practitioners, your nominated treating doctor, your insurer, and any other necessary health professionals to ensure a timely and successful return to your pre-injury status.

If you have been injured at work, get in contact and book in with one of our physiotherapists to help you on your path to recovery.