Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain: Causes, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

Shoulder pain can significantly impact your daily activities and restrict your range of motion. At Body Active Physio, with convenient locations in the suburbs of Alexandria and Mascot, we specialise in providing effective solutions for shoulder pain, helping you regain comfort, mobility, and functionality. In this blog, we will explore the common causes of shoulder pain, discuss treatment options, and highlight the importance of rehabilitation in the recovery process. Our experienced physiotherapists are committed to delivering personalised care and tailored physiotherapy programs to alleviate your shoulder pain. Let’s dive into the world of shoulder pain!

Understanding Shoulder Pain: The shoulder is a complex joint that provides a wide range of motion. Common causes of shoulder pain include:

  1. Rotator Cuff Injury:
    • Causes: Overuse, repetitive movements, aging, poor posture.
    • Symptoms: Pain, weakness, limited range of motion.
    • Treatment: Rest, strengthening exercises, physiotherapy, in severe cases, surgery.
  2. Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis):
    • Causes: Inflammation, shoulder immobility, underlying conditions.
    • Symptoms: Stiffness, pain, reduced range of motion.
    • Treatment: Physiotherapy, stretching exercises, pain management, in severe cases, surgery.
  3. Shoulder Impingement:
    • Causes: Repetitive overhead activities, muscle imbalances, poor posture.
    • Symptoms: Pain with arm movement, weakness, limited range of motion.
    • Treatment: Rest, physiotherapy, strengthening exercises, corticosteroid injections if necessary.
  4. Shoulder Arthritis:
    • Causes: Degeneration of the shoulder joint due to aging or previous injuries.
    • Symptoms: Joint pain, stiffness, limited range of motion.
    • Treatment: Pain management, physiotherapy, medication, in severe cases, joint replacement surgery.

Treatment Options at Body Active Physio: At Body Active Physio, we offer a range of treatment options to address shoulder pain and promote healing and recovery:

  1. Manual Therapy:
    • Soft tissue mobilisation: Hands-on techniques to release muscle tension and improve flexibility.
    • Joint mobilisation: Gentle movements to restore normal joint function and alleviate pain.
  2. Exercise Prescription:
    • Strengthening exercises: Targeted exercises to strengthen the shoulder muscles and improve stability.
    • Range of motion exercises: Specific movements to restore and enhance shoulder mobility.
  3. Posture Correction:
    • Assessment of posture and correction of any imbalances or misalignments that contribute to shoulder pain.
    • Education on proper body mechanics to prevent further stress on the shoulder joint.
  4. Pain Management:
    • Heat or cold therapy, or other pain-relieving techniques to alleviate discomfort.
    • Advice on pain management strategies and self-care techniques for ongoing relief.

The Importance of Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation plays a crucial role in shoulder pain recovery. It helps restore strength, flexibility, and function to the shoulder joint. Our physiotherapists will design a customised rehabilitation program tailored to your specific needs, focusing on:

  1. Restoring Range of Motion:
    • Gentle exercises and stretches to improve shoulder mobility and flexibility.
  2. Strengthening the Shoulder:
    • Progressive resistance exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting the shoulder joint.
  3. Functional Rehabilitation:
    • Targeted exercises to improve functional abilities required for daily activities and sports participation.
  4. Education and Prevention:
    • Instruction on proper technique, posture, and body mechanics to prevent future shoulder injuries.

Don’t let shoulder pain limit your daily life. At Body Active Physio, our dedicated team of experienced physiotherapists is here to provide effective solutions for your shoulder pain. Through a combination of targeted treatments, personalised rehabilitation programs, and expert guidance, we will help you regain pain-free shoulder function. Contact Body Active Physio today to schedule an appointment at our Alexandria or Mascot clinics and start your journey towards a pain-free and mobile shoulder.

If you a a client and we have directed you to the videos we’ve made that cover the form and technique for your rotator-cuff exercises – please click the link below.

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