Use your private health insurance at Body Active Physio by 1st January!

At Body Active Physio, we want you to get the most out of your private health insurance. After all, you keep paying the premiums (which are rising every year), so why shouldn’t you get your money’s worth?

That’s why it’s important to remember that unused benefits aren’t rolled over into the following year, instead, they automatically expire on the 1st of January. This means that if you have any niggling aches, pains or injuries it’s best to access these unused benefits before you lose them for this year. So why not book a session with our talented physio in Alexandria or our skilled physio in Mascot?

Most people completely forget about all their private health insurance benefits but the year is rapidly disappearing and we don’t want your benefits to disappear as well! So instead of searching Google for the best physiotherapist near me, just BOOK a session at one of our Body Active Physio clinics in Alexandria or Mascot.

Getting the most out of your private health insurance at Body Active Physio

At Body Active Physio, you don’t need a referral from your GP or specialist to make an appointment at one of our Alexandria or Mascot clinics. Sometimes, however, we’ll need to liaise with your medical or surgical team but we always ask your permission before going ahead and contacting them.

Also, don’t forget to check how many of the benefits you’ve already used and what’s left for this year with your private health insurance. You should be able to do this easily online if you know your login and password. Don’t leave it too late, however, or else you’ll lose these benefits.

Services offered at our Alexandria and Mascot physio clinics

As specialists in sports physio with clinics in Alexandria and Mascot, we help prevent and treat a wide range of sports injuries. Some of these injuries include muscle tears, ankle, calf and knee injuries, running and overtraining injuries, foot, heel, neck, shoulder and back pains, as well as Work Cover injuries.

So give us a call on 1300 787 254 or BOOK online today and Body Active Physio will help you get the most out of your private health insurance!