Dry Needling in Mascot & Alexandria – Can it help you?

At Body Active Physio, we practice dry needling at our Mascot & Alexandria clinics. Not everyone has heard of this treatment but if you suffer from headaches, neck or back pain, runner’s knee and a few other complaints, then it might help.

So what is dry needling, how does it work and can it help you?

What is dry needling?

At our Mascot & Alexandria clinics, many of our patients confuse dry needling with acupuncture. To be fair, that’s understandable because they both use thin sterile needles that puncture the skin. However, whilst acupuncture focuses on balancing your energy via the body’s meridians, dry needling treats myofascial pain by releasing trigger points located in your muscles.

How does it work?

Combined with joint mobilisation and massage, dry needling is often the ideal treatment for pain associated with muscle tension, as well as joint and tendon dysfunction. The thin needles are inserted through the skin and into the trigger point, which is a band of dysfunctional muscle (often caused by overuse or a trapped nerve). As the trigger point relaxes, the pain is removed. The effect can be instantaneous, however, it can take more than one treatment at our Mascot or Alexandria clinics for the full benefits of dry needling to be felt by some patients.

  • Eliminates pain.
  • Deactivates trigger points.
  • Restores function.

Can dry needling help you?

Dry needling is used to treat muscular dysfunction and pain. It’s been shown to help treat acute and chronic pain, bursitis, tendinitis, muscle spasms, disc problems, whiplash, pelvic pain, tension headaches, and the list goes on.

If you’re suffering from acute or chronic muscular pain or tight muscles, dry needling might just be the solution you need.

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