Physiotherapy is a natural hands-on health modality to treat injuries and dysfunctions of muscles, joints and other parts of the muscular or skeletal system.

Physiotherapists help by improving the way the body functions through movement aided by hands on treatment along with exercise.

Physiotherapists are expert in the diagnosis of movement dysfunction and the analysis of how the pain began and how to assist in achieving normal movement and function.

At Body Active we are committed to providing hands on one to one treatment with our focus firmly on your injury and road to recovery.

What to expect

Our physiotherapists will meet with you to discuss your injury and symptoms. At this first meeting you should expect that the physiotherapist will:

  • Discuss your injury and symptoms with you
  • Perform an assessment consisting of observation and movement of affected body areas – you may want to bring a change of clothes so you are easily able to move and the body area is visible.
  • Discuss the diagnosis of your injury or symptoms with you
  • Develop a plan of treatment and discuss this with any other health care providers that you would like, such as your GP, or specialist or your personal trainer.