Our shoulder physio gets you safely back on track

With the tennis and cricket season upon us – our shoulder physio is definitely going to get a workout! That’s because activities requiring forceful repetitive arm movements (for example cricket, tennis and even swimming) can result in painful and restrictive shoulder injuries. So whilst shoulder pain treatment can be required at any time of the year, it’s more likely during the summer months for obvious reasons.

All three of these sports can result in rotator cuff injuries, but with an endless number of sports activities available, we’ve also seen fractures, SLAP tears, dislocations, general strains, sprains and bruising.

Types of shoulder pain treatment at Body Active

Our customised shoulder pain treatments depend on the cause of your injury but invariably begin with reducing your pain and inflammation as well as resting your shoulder.  Once your pain is under control, we design a treatment plan that may include gentle massages, slings, taping, TENS, ultrasound and ice. Occasionally, your treatment may include surgery, and if so, our shoulder physio can also help you recover and get back on track as soon as possible.

We’ll also help strengthen and condition the specific muscles involved in your injury as well as teach you the correct arm movements for your sport, whether it’s to swing a racket, throw a cricket ball or swim laps. Overtraining and poor techniques are the two major causes of shoulder injuries in athletes, so if you’ve already injured your shoulder it’s vital that you learn how to prevent it from happening again.

For tennis and cricket enthusiasts, prevention can also include pre-game stretching, as well as wearing protective shoulder supports and the correct type of footwear. Swimmers will benefit from warming up with a set of specific stretching exercises before entering the pool.

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